Rights You Thought You Had as a
U.S. Citizen and Pennsylvania Resident

Rights promised or assumed that you really DON'T have in Pennsylvania.

    • The Right to Access Your Own 401k Money when you need it, if it is in the State Employee Retirement System (SERS).

    • The Right to Cure Default (Come current on your mortgage once you are behind on payment, up to a specified time before Sheriff's Sale) as promised in Act 6, Act 91, Federal and State Laws, and RESPA, (supposedly enforced by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.)

    • The Right of Due Process and be Heard in Court in Civil Proceedings against You.

    • The Right to Represent Yourself or be Represented by a Lawyer.

    • The Right to have YOUR Rights upheld in Court while the Court is busy upholding THEIR Rights.

The Story Narrative...

The Results of these Pseudo-Rights mean you...

    • Can have the money to pay your mortgage, have a government agency SERS (State Employee Retirement System) delay your access to it (13 Weeks due to internal oversights), and get put into Foreclosure.

    • Can attempt to Pay and have the Loan Servicer not take your payment as they are required by law.

    • Can have your Mortgage Company (Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC) take you to Court and Foreclose on the very amount they refused to take from you as is you 'Right' by law.

    • Can have opposing counsel make false representations while certifying them as being true, with the representations being the basis of the Judgment against you.

    • May have to hire an Attorney. But that can be just as devastating.

    • May NOT actually get Due Process if your Lawyer doesn't show up for Court, thereby losing your case with you NEVER having your 'Right' to defend yourself.

    • May NOT be notified of your Court Hearing if the Postal Services loses or mis-delivers your Attorney's mail, because YOU are deemed LEGALLY NOTIFIED when the Court places YOUR Notice in the U.S. Regular Mail to your LAWYER.

    • Might have your house LEGALLY SOLD after Judgement and while you are still in the appeal process.

    • Can fire your Lawyer for incompetence, but you have to wait for the Court to approve your fired attorney's Withdraw as your Counsel.

    • Can contact your Elected Politicians.... LMAO.

Court Information

    • Centre County Court of Common Pleas - Docket #18-2048 (Summary Judgment)

    • Superior Court of Pennsylvania (Appeal Court) - Docket # 1887 MDA 2019 (Affirmed Summary Judgment)

    • Supreme Court of Pennsylvania - Docket # 375 MAL 2021 (Petition for Allowance of Appeal Denied)

What we MUST do Together

  • Demand CHANGE. Common Sense Changes that PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.

    • Some of the solutions are a matter of updating laws and interpretations.

    • Some are just a matter of plain Common Sense.

For more Information send an eMail to PseudoRights@Timney.com.